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Featured Story: A Floating Eco Island?

Thursday, June 26, 2008
It's common knowledge that the planet is warming, ice caps are melting, and water levels are rising. The international scientific community predicts that a temperature elevation of 1°C will lead to a water rise of 1 meter, resulting in massive land loss and the displacement of millions of people world wide. Vincent Callebaut, a visionary Belgian architect, is responding to this inevitability with his proposal LILYPAD, A Floating Ecopolis for Ecological Refugees.

LILYPAD is touted by Callebaut as a prototypical auto-sufficient amphibious city... a tenable solution to the rising water levels. In addition to providing housing for those displaced by the transforming land/water relationships, LILYPAD also produces sustainable energy for developed regions.

LILYPAD is a true amphibian - half aquatic and half terrestrial city - able to accommodate 50,000 inhabitants and inviting the biodiversity to develop its fauna and flora around a central lagoon of soft water collecting and purifying the rain waters. This artificial lagoon is entirely immersed, ballasting the city. It enables inhabitants to live in the heart of the sub aquatic depths. The multi functional program is based on three marinas and three mountains dedicated to work, shopping and entertainment. The whole set is covered by a stratum of planted housing in suspended gardens and crossed by a network of streets and alleyways with organic outline. The goal is to create a harmonious coexistence of humans and nature, exploring new modes of cross-cultural aquatic living.

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by Anonymous 10 May 09, 4 replies : Last Post Sort by:
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Where do we sign up? 
Posted 10 May 09 4:07 PM
I would love to live on something like that. Be rid of all the people in the world who are so ignorant and blind to see what humans have done to this planet.

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Re: Where do we sign up? 
Posted 10 May 09 7:00 PM
complete crock of ...

Where on earth are the green resources going to come from to build and keep such a thing running.

Where will 50,000 people get food from and what are you going to do with 50,000 stools per day or are you all going to cross your legs

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Re: Where do we sign up? 
Posted 10 May 09 8:05 PM
Last scientific research I read said the warming trend was over and the earth will now start slowly cooling now that we have entered the next solar phase of the sun - fewer sun spots.

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Re: Where do we sign up? 
Posted 11 May 09 3:45 PM
Correct on all counts Anon, but try telling that to an AGW alarmists who still believes the following:
The IPCC hypothesis, is that man made CO2 will eventually start ‘run-away’ global warming – they have been trying to calculate that for 20 years using computer models with increasing error factors. They have failed.
Since 2002, the average global temperature has been falling and from 2008 at an increasing rate, but CO2 is still rising – therefore hypothesis fails.
Sunspot count is at the lowest since 1913 and the start of solar cycle 24 is way behind normal – we seem to be heading toward another cooling period which is quite normal for an Earth climate controlled by the sun and not ‘man’.
Re: Where do we sign up?

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Re: Where do we sign up? 
Posted 11 May 09 3:54 PM
The post above shows a graph 'tweeked' a little by James Hansen who supplies data to the IPCC - the red line show his version of global warming and the blue line is based on the actual raw data. Just a bit naughty - he was caught out by Antony Watts (Icecap).

The graph of "un-tweeked' data that shows true temperatue graphs from all main measuring methods is shown below - you be the judge if 'global warming' stopped in 2002 or still continues.
Re: Where do we sign up?

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