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Ecobob Bi-Weekly Top 10 - 16th Edition

Saturday, November 13, 2010
Welcome to the 16th edition of the Ecobob Bi-Weekly Top 10 where every two weeks we bring you snippets of info and links to interesting eco stories on the web. We keep you updated with any interesting news, events or happenings in the environmental arena.

Electronic Waste - Story of Electronics

This is the 'must watch' video of the week as far as I'm concerned. It's from the makers of the brilliant Story Of Stuff.

Check out, the Story of Electronics:

How Green Is Your Home?

A free online tool to assess your own home, providing a self assessment report and provisional rating that provides a list of recommendations on how you can improve your home's performance.

Read more..

Farmageddon - Also a must watch!

Health Crisis in the Gulf

BP's Deepwater Horizon oil disaster is over, right? The well has been capped, the horror stories have stopped pouring out of the Gulf, and for the most part, things have gone back to normal. Except for one thing: those pesky oil dispersants--the chemicals that BP is using to break up crude oil--might be making people sick.

Read the full story here...

Wanted: Empty spaces

All going well, 650 of Christchurch’s youngins could be working together to regenerate sites left desolated by the Christchurch earthquake. Two schools— Unlimited Paenga Tawhiti and Discovery 1—are on the hunt for empty earthquake sites they can transform into green spaces.

“We’ve got some money, a heap of labour and the businesses we’ve spoken to in the central city are really keen to assist in many ways. What we really need is a site,” says Tanja Grzeta of Unlimited Paenga Tawhiti’s school.

The schools have their eye on a local site on Manchester street, a site Grzeta says is currently “looking really sad”. But getting consent from the council to temporarily tarnsfrom the site is perhaps unsurprisingly becoming a task in and of itself.

Read the full story...

Biggest Purchase of Electric Vehicles

Score one for the burgeoning electric vehicle industry: GE announced this week that it is buying 25,000 EVs in the single largest EV purchase commitment ever. GM is probably ecstatic about the deal; 12,000 of the EVs will come from the company, beginning with the Chevy Volt in 2011. Vehicles from different manufacturers will be added in the future.

Read the full story...

Electric Cars Are Coming, But Can the Grid Even Handle Them

Have you noticed that plug-in electric vehicles are slowly trickling into the mainstream? If you haven't, you certainly will soon—major automakers like Nissan, Chevrolet, and Toyota all have plug-in electric or hybrid electric offerings set to roll off production lines in the next few years. But there's a catch: As it stands, the electrical grid can't handle the onslaught of electric vehicles that will all start charging at, say, 7 p.m. every evening when commuters get home from work. If everyone in your city or town started driving (and subsequently charging) EVs today, the grid would probably fail. So what can be done?

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Good news: Revitalising waterways

Here's some good environmental news from the UK: British Waterways says a recent increase in Kingfishers and other fresh water related wildlife this shows the UK's freshwater courses - slow-flowing streams, canals and lakes are the kingfisher's natural habitat - are cleaner and better able to support a thriving ecosystem than in the past.

Perhaps New Zealand can look to improve the state of our currently heavily polluted water ways (mostly due to intestive dairy farming)? It would be great if our rivers were clean enough to swim in once again.

Read the full story...

1/3 of NZ lakes polluted

The Environment Minister has called for New Zealand to improve its fresh water management following a report finding almost a third of the country's lakes have poor water quality.


Vacuuming the sea

Electrolux has found a positive use for the millions of tonnes of plastic polluting the world's oceans - it plans to recycle it into vacuum cleaners. They are sucking up to a Kiwi environmental group to make it happen here.

See the video

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