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Waipu cove Ebode
listed by ebode

New Zealand > Northland > Waipu Cove

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Property Details

Date built:   2007
Bedrooms:   2
Bathrooms:   2
Living areas:   1

Property Features

Dining room Water views


Ebode prototype - WAIPU COVE BACH, 2007

For this elevated section overlooking Waipu Cove, our clients wanted a modest home in the 'kiwi bach' tradition, designed with environmentally sustainable principles and using materials and detailing to reflect the coastal location.

The result is a split-level cedar weatherboard and corrugated zincalume home, anchored to the land with local Waipu stone, which also forms the chimney and twin fireplaces linking the lounge and outdoor living areas. The large deck off the lounge wraps around a mature Pohutukawa tree, which provides privacy, shade and connection with the natural environment.

Upstairs, the two bedrooms and bathroom have been designed with maximum flexibility in mind, allowing plenty of storage for bedding and mattresses to accommodate a variety of occupants. The utility area on the lower level behind the kitchen fetaures a polished concrete floor with funky coloured glass inserts, and plenty of rinsing and washing facilities for removing the sand from surfers and their gear before entering the house.

For more info see or contact us at 0800 my ebode.

Rainwater is collected from the roof for washing and toilet cisterns, and a solar hot water cylinder ensures that there is plenty of free hot water on sunny days. Inside, natural timber floors and cabinetry work with passive heating and ventilation to provide a low-toxic environment.



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by Anonymous 18 Mar 09, 8 replies : Last Post Sort by:
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Author Post

3840 posts
Ebode homes in Christchurch? 
Posted 18 Mar 09 8:54 PM
Are there any samples of Ebode homes built in Christchurch? I'd love to get more details.

3840 posts
Re: Ebode homes in Christchurch? 
Posted 18 Mar 09 10:51 PM
I love this. How much would it have cost?

4 posts
Re: Ebode homes in Christchurch? 
Posted 19 Mar 09 12:26 PM

As yet we dont have any ebode homes in Christchurch, we are currently designing one for a client in Kaikoura.

If you are interested in building one give us a call or email...

4 posts
Re: Ebode homes in Christchurch? 
Posted 19 Mar 09 12:27 PM
Our prices are reflective of the quality and sustainability of our product, if your interested please get in touch!

3840 posts
Re: Ebode homes in Christchurch? 
Posted 6 Jun 09 11:10 AM
I guess anyone that likes leaving all the house lights on during the day as in the photo, could afford it.

308 posts
Re: Ebode homes in Christchurch? 
Posted 6 Jun 09 2:17 PM
I'm sure the lights were just turned on for the photo wouldn't you think?

27 posts
Re: Ebode homes in Christchurch? 
Posted 26 Jun 10 10:47 AM
Of course if you wanted to leave the lights on all day you could do do relatively guilt free as all ebode houses use a PV array to make their own power so that power is green and your to do whatever you like with ....we still recommend turning the lights off when not needed though lol

Niel de Jong
CEO ebode
Re: Ebode homes in Christchurch?

3840 posts
Re: Ebode homes in Christchurch? 
Posted 26 Jun 10 11:05 AM
Hi Niel

Do all ebode houses have PV as above? What is the size of the array you would normally put in?

If you are storing the power generated rather than feeding to grid, what kind of batteries are you using (sealed, no maintenance or normal requiring maintenance)?


27 posts
Re: Ebode homes in Christchurch? 
Posted 1 Jul 10 6:15 PM
Hi there, Yes all ebode homes come with a PV array as part of the standard spec. I think at the moment we are fitting about 1.3kw onto our projects as a standard base array and owners can have the option of upgrading them to a larger system capable of providing a net energy scenario. This scenario is of course depends a lot on your power habits....(I think my parents would have an almost net situation with only 1.3kw lol.)

We spec our homes to be grid connected as a standard but can do off grid if called for.

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