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Kapiti Off Grid
listed by phptek

From the north c. Jan 2013

Eco house image: From the north c. Jan 2013

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New Zealand > Wellington > Otaki

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Property Details

Land area:   13910 m2
Building area:   166.6 m2
Date built:   2010
Bedrooms:   3
Bathrooms:   2
Living areas:   2

Property Features

Dining room


3 bed, 2 bath, twin-gable replica villa. FSC-sourced rusticated weatherboard. UT pine framing (internal). 60,000L total roofwater storage. Membrane water-filtration (No UV = zero power vs 130W always-on for UV). 20mm Argon double-glazing with timber double-hung sash joinery. Sewage pumped to stepping tank and then to local treatment plant and soakage area. Direct north-facing aspect. 100% wool insulation - R2.5 (Wall), R3.6 (Ceil). x30 tube solar hot-water. x6 reclaimed cast-iron central-heating radiators and x2 hot-water towel rails. ~16kW equiv reconditioned Rayburn solid fuel cooker (cooking, solar boost and running radiators). Plumbing from vanities/bath/shower routed to single gully for future grey-water recycling.

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by trikee 24 Oct 09, 4 replies : Last Post Sort by:
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Author Post

4 posts
This forum thread has been marked as a question for other Ecobob users to answer. Heating 
Posted 24 Oct 09 7:00 PM
Hi, can you please tell me the name of your heating system and how it works? I am hoping to build a house in the next couple of years and looking into all the information I can :-) Thank you

86 posts
Re: Heating 
Posted 25 Oct 09 9:26 AM

The heating system doesn't have a name as such. But it works like this:

The HWC (Hot Water Cylinder) will be heated primarily by solar evacuated tube collectors in summer and boosted by a Rayburn solid fuel cooker. The Rayburn will then be the primary heat source for the HWC in winter with there being less sun about.

The DHW (Domestic Hot Water) will be on 2 separate piping circuits. When the HWC is up to temperature, any further heat coming from the Rayburn's own backboiler, is automatically switched and re-routed to the 2nd circuit with all 6 of the radiators and 2 towel rails connected to it.

It's pretty simple really, what's difficult is ensuing pipe-sizing. lagging and HWC position are as optimal as you can make it.

We were quite conscious of these things and made sure we used a company that had done CH (Central Heating) with a Rayburn before.

I hope that helps you out :-)

4 posts
Re: Heating 
Posted 30 Oct 09 3:06 PM
Thanks so much for that, I will have a look into the Rayburn but sounds fantastic! Have a great weekend :-)

86 posts
Re: Heating 
Posted 10 Nov 09 11:09 AM
No worries - re: the Rayburn. We've put a down payment on one from Classic Cookers, Cantrerbury:


19 posts
Off Grid 
Posted 2 Jun 11 9:27 AM

How is off-grid working for you? Had to run generator much?

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