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Topic: Positive Money NZ

by Archer 15 Oct 11, 35 replies : Last Post Sort by:
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Re: Positive Money NZ 
Posted 31 Oct 11 8:35 PM
I too hope that LME keeps writing.

If anyone wants to learn how the current money came to be and the history of money and banking, , William (Bill) Still produced an excellent documentary entitled "The Money Changers" back in the early 90's. This can be viewed on you tube and from or bought from Amazon. In my opinion it should be required study at all schools. The best history lesson I ever had.

When I first viewed this doco I could hardly believe it and was moved to buy his book from which the doco was made. He is a very thorough researcher and highly respected today.

The history lesson the doco showed me was far more exciting than the stuff they taught me in school. At school I was taught that it was the wall street crash that caused the Great Depression. In the doco I learn that it was the central banksters withdrawal of the money supply and their financing of Hitler which actually caused millions of Americans to starve to death in the Depression.

Did you know that Winston Churchill was standing on the trading floor in Wall street the day it went down? He had been invited to watch it unfold....

If you just want to cut to the chase on how US money is created, without the history of money and wars, and where it might be going, Mike Moloney has a good presentation and a great visual display. He also has a book on amazon, but this video is very easy to watch. he is big on precious metals, but regardless of his views, his explanation of what is happening and how it happens is on the mark.

If this doesnt get you there, you can go to you tube videos and type in "Debt Collapse - $20,000 Gold - Mike Maloney On Gold, Silver & Economics"

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Re: Positive Money NZ 
Posted 1 Nov 11 6:38 AM
winston churchill...... hahaha one of the biggest (politican) muppets the world has ever seen. (out of vanity he had 400000 (Dresden) people killed)

I do believe that knowing the truth would shatter a lot of peoples life. When
I started to see through it....... I really couldn't believe it. shocking. and to be honest.... we are sheep's!

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Re: Positive Money NZ 
Posted 1 Nov 11 8:28 AM
Hello, while I welcome your positive input to this forum, a comment such as the above can't be left unchallenged.

The accepted death toll as a result of the terrible firebombings of Dresden was 25,000. Still a large number, but nowhere near the 400,000 you claim. The Nazi authorities of the time put out a claim of 200,000.

This sort of area bombing certainly raises moral questions, but as to your claim that it was done to satisy Churchill's vanity - beneath contempt


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Re: Positive Money NZ 
Posted 1 Nov 11 8:04 PM
this is one link in english. most I have are in german though. the death toll always ranges between 250000 to even 600000 incl. the aftermath. And to Winston Churchill himself:

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Re: Positive Money NZ 
Posted 1 Nov 11 9:18 PM
ah, invoking godwins law.
great way to kill a discussion.

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Re: Positive Money NZ 
Posted 2 Nov 11 9:54 AM
Perhaps you might accept:
a. The published figures from the Dresden authorities, a couple of weeks after the raids.

b. The official review carried out by the Dresden Historian Commission, as recently as 2010 (pp 71-80)

Both would appear to be more authoratative and unbiased than the links you have posted. Both put the toll for this terrible event at the 25,000 mark.


PS. I don't see any invocation of Godwin's law in the thread. Godwin's Law relates to making a comparison with Nazis, not just simply mentioning them.

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Re: Positive Money NZ 
Posted 4 Nov 11 5:44 AM
hi glenn
I agree the link is not really a good one.
And of course I accept your link. however, I think that the winner writes the history, and a lot of the "common knowledge" about that time is more than questionable.

"A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on."

@ case it is an interesting Law.( never heard of it before). In politics they use the term " anti-semic" to push someone out of (political) business. seems to be the same situation.

have good day guys

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Re: Positive Money NZ 
Posted 4 Nov 11 9:59 AM
You're very gracious Ingo, thank you. I think we both agree that in war there are no winners, and that sometimes it is hard to justify what was deemed to be necessary at the time. I certainly think the fire bombings came into that category too
Regards, Glenn

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Re: Positive Money NZ 
Posted 11 Nov 11 7:21 PM
The docor eferred to above is actually called "The Money Masters', and if it were ever made compulsory viewing in History classes, the world might be a different place by now.

I believe that google video also has it avail...

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Re: Positive Money NZ 
Posted 11 Nov 11 11:01 PM
You can watch "The Money Masters" documentary online for free (legally) from this web site:

It also contains a host of other free docos:

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Re: Positive Money NZ 
Posted 14 Nov 11 5:38 PM
Thanks for that Ecobob.

By the way, through the Positive Money website I found a link to a great 1946 james Stewart movie called "A wonderful life". which has a struggle between a community building society and a loan shark who almost controls the whole town.

Highly recommended viewing, and through Google video you can get a colour version too. The story is as pertinent today as it was back then.


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