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Topic: Little Cracker in action

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Self-sufficient Mobile Home

All home comforts neatly arranged in a warm, cosy, self-sufficient mobile home. The 'Little Cracker' woodburner cooks, and heats water. Wool insulation keeps the bus toasty for hours - or open the doors and/or roof vents to cool down. King single bed is natural latex covered with wool, and double-lined curtains keep you warm and...
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by Anonymous 26 May 09, 6 replies : Last Post Sort by:
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Little Cracker in action 
Posted 26 May 09 9:21 AM
Does the wood burner conform to clean air standards as set by many councils.

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Re: Little Cracker in action 
Posted 14 Jul 09 3:02 PM
Hi- the Littlecracker is not clean air approved due to the requirement that the fire needs to be able to be completely shut down, as the movement of the bus creates a vacuum on the flu,creating a blast furnace and fire melt-down if it can draw air! all clean air type fires prevent the complete closing off, of the air supply-but it burns very cleanly and efficiently. thanks - The Manufacturer -

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Re: Little Cracker in action 
Posted 14 Jul 09 3:41 PM
And only an idiot would drive the bus with the fire going. Please cite the efficiency data if any!

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Re: Little Cracker in action 
Posted 14 Jul 09 5:20 PM
I believe the regs. do not apply to multi-fuel stoves.
I got a building consent to install one here in Wellington.


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Re: Little Cracker in action 
Posted 16 Jul 11 6:57 PM
For those looking for an alternative to the Litle Cra cker, I suggest a visit to

This NZ company makes a compact chip heater / cooktop woodburning stove space saving version which complies fully with clean air regs and can have a wetback fitted. it also retails for about $250 less than he best price I can find on the Little Cracker.

As much as I like the Little Cracker, I think the Kaitaia made waegener is hard to beat.

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Re: Little Cracker in action 
Posted 17 Apr 14 11:45 AM
15% off Little Crackers for Eco Bob members

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Re: Little Cracker in action 
Posted 8 Apr 15 12:07 PM
check it includes full stainless steel flue kit as the Littlecrackers do! I bet it doesnt

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