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Topic: Carbon Neutral reward program

by Kioskbiz 9 Jul 11, 28 replies : Last Post Sort by:
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Re: Carbon Neutral reward program 
Posted 20 Jul 11 10:32 AM
Schools would gain much benefit if their playing fields or school boundary were planted in fruit trees, apples, pears, peaches, plums etc. Then if the kids helped themselves to the fruit in season they would be better off. When I was a kid growing up in Gisborne our local primary school had plum, figs and lemon trees, very yummy.
I look at the local schools in our area, big boundary areas, with a few scrawny trees here and there, the opportunity is there, but they (school management) dont want to get off their buts and do anything. If they dont want to help themselves why should we.

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Re: Carbon Neutral reward program 
Posted 20 Jul 11 10:44 AM
Hi Mike, the idea of having fruit trees or any tree for that matter that benefits the students is great.

One thing I hate is seeing citrus trees everywhere with the fruit just rotting on the ground when so much can be done with it.


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Re: Carbon Neutral reward program 
Posted 22 Jul 11 6:55 AM
HI Doug,
I like the idea of schools benefitting. Food trees might be a grea standby. Less in numbers (as they are much more expensive per each, however nutrition and healthy eating would be possible bonus outcomes. Given the number of children who got to school hungry and cannot concentrate, this may help.

At my nearest school they had a lemon and a manadarin tree. Both heavily fruiting and both pulled out to make way for something else.

All the best with your project

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Re: Carbon Neutral reward program 
Posted 22 Jul 11 7:09 AM
Hi, thank you for your support.

I now have solid business support for this program and it will be going ahead in the near future along with 750 schools waiting for trees.



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