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Topic: Beacon pathway

by Nikoftime 5 Sep 11, 4 replies : Last Post Sort by:
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Beacon pathway 
Posted 5 Sep 11 10:58 AM
Just stumbled across this website
It seems to be researching and developing improvements in house renovation and new builds in terms of sustainability?

However, I am not clear on exactly what their purpose is. There doesn't seem to be any research or clear conclusions on any construction methods, materials to use, insulation levels to aim for?

Anyone else have any thoughts?

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Re: Beacon pathway 
Posted 3 Oct 11 9:35 AM
It appears to me to be an organisation with the right intentions but I agree, I don't see any plan of action yet.

They should be in Christchurch right now building an eco friendly quake safe show home to demonstrate what can be done to all of the people about to rebuild

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Re: Beacon pathway 
Posted 5 Oct 11 12:51 PM
Beacon presented the results of their NOW hme research a couple of years ago.
They are going to have 10 Build Back Smarter demonstration homes in Christchurch, which will be used to investigate different methods of improving a house as it is repaired:

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Re: Beacon pathway 
Posted 5 Oct 11 7:07 PM
Fletcher Building ??? Here we are again......preference will be given to Fletcher products and everything limited to the availabilities and abilities of Fletcher....

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Re: Beacon pathway 
Posted 5 Oct 11 7:26 PM
I'm sure even Fletcher's have a corporate social responsibility program. Nothing to do with keeping an eye on potential threats to eliminate or buy out. Never.

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