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Ecobob Cafe

The Ecobob Cafe is for people interested in eco living to socialise and to share ideas and information.

RE: Wetback to Radiator
By JClark
22 Jun '17 01:49 PM

Building design, construction and renovations

This forum is for topics relating to eco friendly building design, construction and renovations.

RE: Heat transfer systems
By goa
24 Jun '17 10:06 AM

Real estate and property development

Topics in this forum relate to sustainable real estate and sustainable property development.

Attic space and vilax window
By ap127
15 Jun '17 10:46 PM

Switching to Solar Power

Questions, comments or advice about going solar. Solar power is becoming more affordable in New Zealand, but there are still a lot of questions on many people's minds; what size to get, what solar panels, what about storage for solar?

Solar Power in Auckland
By Bobby Sethi
09 May '17 04:32 PM

EV Forum - The Electric Vehicle Discussion Board

Chat and ask EV enthusiasts questions about the latest electric vehicle models, from Tesla, Mitsubishi, BMW, Nissan and more. Find info about charging stations and self-driving cars.

RE: Nissan Leaf
By Jock
10 Jun '17 08:05 PM

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Heat transfer systems

Does anyone have any positive or negative experience of these? There are different systems out there and hard to know which one to choose.

24 Jun '17 10:06 AM
By goa

Tankless Electric Hot water heaters (not gas)

Hi there Just wondering if people could recommend some nz suppliers of tankless electric hot water heaters that are not gas powered. Looking into the idea of connecting up to solar pv ...

23 Jun '17 11:30 PM
By Solar Mike

Self draw building plans

Hi. Is it possible for me to do my own plans for council? If so where can i find information on this? Thanks

23 Jun '17 06:39 PM
By Shine

Hydronic underfloor heating with air-to-water heatpump, Christchurch

Hi all, Can anyone offer advice with regard to this, as well as your experiences with install and running costs? Planning a 180m2 single-storey build in Christchurch and I really like the idea of an efficient central heating system to keep the ...

22 Jun '17 03:54 PM
By JR1

Is there a practical way to beef up airtightness & insulation in a stick & fluff build?

If it turns out I can't build with SIPS, are there ways to improve a standard stick and fluff building envelope? For example: thicker studs and thicker fluff, insulated slab, thermally broken windows... Wouldn't these factors alone improve the buildings performance ...

22 Jun '17 03:15 PM
By JR1

Wetback to Radiator

Hi, We have a woodburner (old Kent) with wetback disconnected to HW cylinder. I would like to heat a downstairs area with a radiator connected to the wetback. Is this feasible and if so how? Thanks

22 Jun '17 01:49 PM
By JClark

Off-Grid vs Grid Tied Solar

Hi all, I'm interested to hear from any of you that have your home set up for off-grid or grid tied systems, what kind of setup do you have? i.e. how many panels producing how many kw what equipment are ...

22 Jun '17 12:54 PM
By JClark

Wood gasification boiler

Is there anyone in this forum who is using an ATTACK wood gasification boiler for the central heating and warm water? Central Heating NZ in CHCH is the agent for this brand and it is made in Slovakia. We ...

21 Jun '17 10:03 AM
By Dys

Pyroclassic IV wood fire

Hi, has anyone had or known someone who has had a Pyroclassic IV wood fire? It is reportedly one of the most efficient fireplaces on the market. I am interested though to hear from anyone as to its performance. The ...

19 Jun '17 04:42 PM
By CMM71

shipping container designer

I need a recommendations for a designer/architect who is good with and has worked on container home design . area kapiti coast

19 Jun '17 10:31 AM
By Brendon