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Ecobob Cafe

The Ecobob Cafe is for people interested in eco living to socialise and to share ideas and information.

Energy monitoring
By GlennM
21 Apr '17 12:22 PM

Building design, construction and renovations

This forum is for topics relating to eco friendly building design, construction and renovations.

RE: How to build using shipping ...
By ssb
24 Apr '17 07:04 PM

Real estate and property development

Topics in this forum relate to sustainable real estate and sustainable property development.

What is an extension?
By Johnjones
09 Apr '17 08:54 PM

Switching to Solar Power

Questions, comments or advice about going solar. Solar power is becoming more affordable in New Zealand, but there are still a lot of questions on many people's minds; what size to get, what solar panels, what about storage for solar?

Solar For Pool Heating?
By andymontop01
07 Apr '17 10:49 AM

EV Forum - The Electric Vehicle Discussion Board

Chat and ask EV enthusiasts questions about the latest electric vehicle models, from Tesla, Mitsubishi, BMW, Nissan and more. Find info about charging stations and self-driving cars.

RE: Electric folding bikes.
By tonyv
26 Mar '17 11:04 PM

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How to build using shipping containers and avoiding building or planning consents?

Hello everyone, We live in Auckland and are keen to downsize and own a home mortgage-free. I want to buy 2 x 40ft shipping containers and get them welded together. I found a company called Addis that can do this for ...

24 Apr '17 07:04 PM
By ssb

Energy monitoring

Hi, after doing everything obvious. LED lights Upped the insulation double glazing space heat pump HW heat pump I still have a far too high power bill . I want to have the circuits in the house monitored by a professional for say a month ...

21 Apr '17 12:22 PM
By GlennM

CLT Cross Laminated Timber panels by XLam

Hi, I was watching an old episode of Grand Designs the other day and saw a house built with cross laminated timber (CLT) panels that got me interested, then just read today about a house on Waiheke constructed using them. I ...

20 Apr '17 08:17 PM
By tobias kraus

'Non-standard' construction and mortgages

No doubt this has been discussed elsewhere in the past, but I thought I'd have nothing to lose putting it out there anyway: I'd be really interested to hear other peoples' experiences/views regarding bank finance and eco builds. We've been looking ...

20 Apr '17 07:02 PM
By Ecobarn

Marshall Water Heater

I've just got hold of a marshall solid fuel hot water heater. Anyone plumbed one of these in? There are a bunch of connections but no instructions. I called Marshall today, but no one about. Thanks Dave

20 Apr '17 05:28 PM
By Madmax

Heat recovery heat exchanger

Hello all, I have three HVAC heat exchangers I picked up from the ChCh Ecostore and intend to use them (probably only need one) in our house rebuild. The only trouble is that I cannot find any information on them as they ...

19 Apr '17 07:20 PM
By Smeaton

Pyroclassic IV wood fire

Hi, has anyone had or known someone who has had a Pyroclassic IV wood fire? It is reportedly one of the most efficient fireplaces on the market. I am interested though to hear from anyone as to its performance. The ...

16 Apr '17 09:00 PM
By JB143

Retrofit insulation to 30 yr old house

I built the house 30 years ago as a passive solar design, so it has 150 mm wall studs and rafters, originally insulated with R3.2 pink batts all around. The exterior is redwood board and batten or river stone, over ...

16 Apr '17 05:28 PM

Reducing cost of water heating

Our home hot water tank holds 30 gallons. We used 2612 units to keep this heated all year. At current prices of 29.37c per unit the annual cost is $767.14 or approx 7.2 units per day at cost of $2.10. At ...

16 Apr '17 04:31 PM
By Malabou

Thermospan Panels from Metalcraft

I went to the home show and talked to a guy about Metalcraft Thermospan panels for my roof. From what I was told and have since read it seems like a good product to get a long span unsupported low pitch ...

10 Apr '17 02:52 PM
By Leonard_s