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Tasman Building Biology And Ecology Centre

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88 Pomona Rd
RD1 Upper Moutere 7173


Interior Design with an enhanced focus on making sustainable choices and respecting the principles of building biology, creating healthy, beautiful and functional living and work areas!
Are you wondering whether your home or office is making you
sick ?
Are you looking for affordable "ECO" or "GREEN" building solutions ?
Do you want to be introduced to the principles of BUILDING BIOLOGY?
Are you in a state of awareness after natural disasters and
their toxic impact ?
Is ECOLOGICAL RESPONSIBILITY more than just two words for you?

The idea behind my business is copying European models of creating Building Biology Centres where clients will find information, can book consultations, can be part of meetings in order to access detailed knowledge, and will be able to choose healthy options for their project . Profound and proven science is my background.

Ecological factors for building design require attention right from the start of the planning process . Ideally we will see more and more businesses offering a holistic system of services dealing with the diverse aspects of building.
Building Biology originated as an analytical and confrontational movement to prevent pollution and civilisational diseases in Germany in the 1970s. It has been established since then in many countries as an integrated multidimensional science.

We invite you to join a powerful concept of volunteering to share knowledge during meetings with a limited number of guests.