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Devan Plastics

Devan Water Tanks is New Zealand’s leading water and septic tank company. Devan Water Tanks commenced operations over 20 years ago and was one of the first companies to use rotational moulding in... READ MORE

Natural Flow Systems

NZ’s Leaders in Eco-Sustainable, Odourless Wastewater and Sewage Systems. The NaturalFlow system uses natural, well-established, POWER FREE processes to purify wastewater. Natural Flow is a modular,... READ MORE

Kiwi Pioneer Co Ltd

Location: West Coast,

Kiwi Pioneer is a waste water design company. We specialise in designing ecological systems which require little or no power. Ecological systems turn waste water into a resource: soil for the garden a... READ MORE

Water Tank Store

Location: Auckland,

The Water Tank Store stocks the largest range of water tanks and rainwater products in New Zealand. As well as tanks ranging in size from 200 litres to 30,000 litres, the Water Tank Store stocks all... READ MORE

Allflow Equipment

Allflow has been researching a number of new products that have not been seen in New Zealand before, one of them being Greywater Diverters. Anyone who is building, renovating or trying to improve the... READ MORE

Autoflow Natural Wastewater Treatment Systems

This on-site system imitates natural ecosystems to treat household blackwater (kitchen and toilet) and greywater (shower, bath and laundry). The difference Autoflow has over other composting treatme... READ MORE


Any wastewater treatment system will only perform as well as the service it receives. With the network of trained, competent and qualified installers and authorised service people, at Biocycle (South)... READ MORE


Waste water treatment company. READ MORE

Eco Plumber Gas

Location: Bay of Plenty, Tauranga

We specialize in installing efficient hot water heating. We repair all solar systems include solar 60, solar hart, edwards, azzuro along with the many different brands now available. New and full ins... READ MORE

Eco Toilets and Grey Water Systems Ltd

Complete toilet systems. Composting toilets for permanent dwellings as well as for holiday homes. Flushable Toilets, Non-flushable Toilets - Composting and Electric Toilets. Ideal in areas where poor... READ MORE

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