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Benatural Soy Candles

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027 4835188

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48 Hansens Line RD5 Palmerston North 4475

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Candles have been used for ceremony for decades but only recently have we been given a choice about the product we are burning.
I was excited to discover natural Soy Candles nearly three years ago and I have established Benatural Soy Candles as a result of this.
One of my roles is to educate people about the health and environmental benefits of using Soy Candles rather than Paraffin ones. Big messes, stained carpets and time spent ‘maintaining’ Candles can be a thing of the past. Benatural Soy Candles are vegetable based (derived from the soy bean) and are soap and water soluble, therefore very easy to clean from any surface. Benatural Soy Candles are made in containers as the wax liquefies as an oil, pools in the container and maintains a cool temperature. As a result, they are long burning (up to 50% longer than paraffin) and do not produce soot or emit harmful vapors.
Fragranced or unscented, Benatural Soy Candles are hand poured to order giving choice and meeting every customers need. Fragrances are released naturally as the Soy Candle burns and does not dilute over time. A Soy Candle will burn down completely, without any wax wasted. A lovely even burn is experienced as there is no risk of wick drowning or a lack of oxygen to the burning flame.
Having learned these facts, Candle users are now choosing Benatural Soy Candles and state they “will never go back to using paraffin ones”.
Candles are used everyday for bereavement, ceremony, remembrance and relaxation, outdoors and in the home environment. Benatural Soy Candles make a difference to the air you breathe, whatever the occasion.
The environmental message is clear, Soy Candle use is not only better for your health but they are better for the environment. All Soy Candles containers are refillable, reusable and recyclable. They are hand-poured to order to meet your environmental and service needs.
So keep using Candles but choose the eco-friendly type because “friends don’t let friends use Paraffin”.