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Birth to Earth Ltd

Phone number

09 834 8894

Physical address

20 Rewarewa Road Te Atatu Peninsula Auckland 0651

Postal address

PO Box 45 301 Te Atatu Peninsula Auckland 0610

Birth to Earth Ltd. announces the arrival of ‘Capceco’ the Biodegradable Placenta Capsule.For centuries the Placenta has received ceremonial handling around the world by many cultures. New Zealand Maori bury the placenta or “whenua” in native soil as a gift to PapaTuanuku, or Mother-Earth. Today, keeping and planting your placenta is becoming so popular that birthing facilities will pack the baby’s placenta into plastic bags that are toxic to our earth and messy to unpack. A-list stars are also taking up this trend with the likes of Mathew McConaughey and Brook Shields openly talking about keeping and planting their child’s placentas. Birth to Earth’s ‘Capceco’ Biodegradable Placenta Capsule is a world first, designed and made in New Zealand. Birth to Earth are encouraging parents to keep and plant their child’s Placenta under an oxygen giving tree which will remove up to a tonne of carbon emissions over its life.Liesje Bradley, mother of three and director of Birth to Earth came up with the idea for ‘Capceco’ after witnessing a number of family members struggle with unpacking and planting their placentas; “I wanted to give parents a solution that would remove the mess and yuck factor of planting their placenta; The ‘Capceco’ Biodegradable Capsule requires no defrosting or unpacking, which is what usually puts parents off.” ‘Capceco’ is great for parents who find keeping the placenta too icky or too hippy.‘Capceco’ is 100% biodegradable made up of GM free cornstarch and recycled unbleached card that is printed with nontoxic vegetable inks. Once planted the whole pack will break down in a 6 to 8 week period, leaving no toxic residues.Included in the ‘Capceco’ pack is ‘Your Tree’ a beautiful child’s keepsake story book that tells your child how their placenta was planted under a tree. Illustrated by Anton Petrov, ‘Your Tree” is a subtle way of encouraging children to connect and care for nature. Parents can also record in the book what tree and where it was planted so the child has a permanent record of their birth tree. One happy customer, Rob Tollenaar father of one wrote “We loved the ‘Capceco’ capsule. At the birth it was so simple to use; and when the day came to plant it, it was clean and easy. The packed placenta went straight into the ground under a lovely Mandarin tree, no mess no fuss! And what’ was super cool is the special little copper tree tag and the fantastic book that explains the whole thing to your child”Midwife Debbie Ross of West Auckland also commented “I love how the ‘Capceco’ turns a practice that could make someone squeamish into a lovely celebration of your child’s birth and also honours the amazing job the Placenta has done”“Capceco” is available for purchase online at and also at the Eco Store, Belly Beyond and Baby Star.Generate New Life - ‘Capceco’ the Biodegradable Placenta Capsule.