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Modular house design at its best.

Box Living is a fresh and innovative new way of looking at house design and build. Box homes are a hybrid of custom architectural design and prefabrication.
The Box concept reduces design costs, construction time and gives owners a certainty of build costs. We take a different approach to house design and build. The results are beautifully designed and crafted modular homes.

Highly configurable,custom design

The key behind Box homes are their elegant and clever simplicity. Its standard modules are fully adaptable and can be arranged and stacked in an infinite number of ways to satisfy your imagination.
The core materials are selected for their performance and their aesthetics. But there is almost no limit to how the house can be finished in terms of cladding, linings, floors, fittings and finishes.

Homes for the future

Box living houses are designed for the future. We promote high levels of energy and water efficiency and promote materials that will last well beyond building code requirements.
We have expertise in water collection and reticulation, sustainable materials and energy production. All the components of the house can be re-used or recycled and construction generates considerably less waste than building a normal house would.