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Cornerstone Eco Homes Ltd

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Cornerstone Eco Homes Ltd offers the real deal when it comes to AFFORDABLE ECO homes. Utilizing the Cornerstone Building systems such as the Cornerstone Structural Insulated Panels, is the original copyright, fully Insulated floor system, along with some innovative copyright highly insulated roof structure designs making an airtight highly insulated envelope.

With insulation covered & being the main factor in a energy efficient home, along with orientation so that energy gains can be trapped within the structure, we can move on to some of the other features Cornerstone Eco Homes offer such as energy production.

UPVC Window & Door joinery are offered as in Europe the Europoean countries have been using for decades. The Profiles are treated for our climate, to prevent UV discoloration.

Our clients are not told they must have all of the add on features we offer, rather encouraged to incorporate as many features that will suit their budget & lifestyle by offering the choices that other companies are reluctant to include in their specifications. Clients are given the pros & cons & left to make their choice of the various features.

The Te Wera Boiler is a brilliant hot water system which provides the minimal space heating required (especially when using Cornerstones highly insulated building systems) via radiators or underfloor system, then also heating the potable water supply. Coming in various sizes, the boiler can also be hooked up to Solar water heaters as well as Solar Voltaic panels as a backup. With the 200 litre being suitable for small users still with an heat output of 35-45 KW and the 400 litre which is more suitable for a family. The efficiency of the boiler is a feature in that it we have monitored it heating the water from cold to 45 minutes in 45 minutes, so recovery time far exceeds an electric element, which the boiler has as a boost to ensure through the day there is water available for basins etc.

S V Panels are offered either Grid tied or not but preferably dual for those ever increasing emergencies.

We encourage water conservation which is becoming an issue therefore water conservation & collection helps to disaster proof especially now that we in Christchurch have experienced the week links in our lifestyles.

Gas cooking can minimize the electricity requirement so off grid could be fairly easily achieved.

Edible landscaping is an important part of the plan with soil scraped off remaining to make raised gardens.

We can manage to offer our homes at around the same prices as the standard home companies. With the focus on energy efficiency as the standard of our homes and the clients choosing the options such as Water collection & recycling, along with solar the homes are more suited to Passive House standards where all products are accepted on the results as apposed to the buy in to the system that other Auditing systems encourage, eliminating many products worthy of inclusion.

We endeavor to offer our clients the best possible products to help them achieve the best options for an energy efficient, environmentally friendly & disaster proof home.

Why would you want to build any other way :-)