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DSHH - Active solar underfloor heating system

Phone number

09 8156664 or 021949772

Physical address

44 Aroha Ave St Lukes Auckland

The DSHH system is an active solar underfloor heating system that captures free solar energy year round and intelligently stores surplus summer heat and distributes the heat as required over winter using a custom designed digital controller in a balanced hydronic system.
Designed as background heat, it can maintain a suitably insulated house at a temperature of around 20-21 degrees Celsius all winter, which substantially reduces or, according to most DSHH clients, totally eliminates the costs of alternative sources of energy.

The key to the DSHH system is in the huge, low cost energy storage core built below the buildings slab. This would require a minor modification to the current foundation plans including insulation and in some cases, deepening to a depth of approximately 1 to 1.5 metres dependent upon locale to provide a suitable mass capable of storing the energy generated.

It also allows for solar hot water integration as well as alternative thermal energy input such as hot water heat pumps and wet-backs which are often used as backup during periods of high hot water usage that is experienced in large families

In terms of sustainability the DSHH stands to be a significant contributor in reducing the demand of NZ homes on reticulated energy requirement. As the DSHH is almost totally operating on solar energy it contributes significantly to the reduction in the burning of alternative fuels



“as I sit here writing this in my tee shirt the house is ~24" with only Solar heating & while it will drop through the night the coldest I have seen is 19.2" so pretty good considering we have 27m2 of unprotected glass in the room where we are taking the temperature. I have managed to get out for a ride the last couple of nights & have taken great pleasure biking around & seeing everyone with their fires on while I think the borer will get our stash of firewood before we get around to using it.”
Chris Beggs:- North Face Construction Waikanae

Thank you for providing such a valuable service. In the last 2 years we have yet to use the backup heat pump to heat our home. This is well beyond our expectations, thank you.

BR :- Wellington

“Walk into ..Ryan’s two-year-old house on a cold Wellington winter night...the whole house is comfortably warm with no cold corners or hot spots”
Do they like the house? ‘Yes definitely’
would they recommend the system to a friend? ‘Yes definitely
As Barry says” There is a chain reaction of benefits...low running costs, comfort, family health.’ “
Consumer Magazine Sept 2010

“ Why are all houses not constructed this way.. this is incredible”.
The Hon Luamanuvao Winnie Laban

So far the house has only had the odd wood fire, even in the coldest winter days. The wetback extra heat is pumped around the house making it all warm, not just around the fireplace.

We get visits from people, even the builders, asking us how it’s working. They walk into a warm home, something they don’t seem to have at their home. They and we can’t get over how nice it is to walk on a warm floor all winter.

Bernard V :- Dipton Invercargill

“it really works”

Consumer Magazine Sept 2010