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Earth Angel

Phone number

+64 9 834 0699

Physical address

17 Mickle Street Te Atatu South Waitakere City Auckland

Postal address

17 Mickle Street Te Atatu South Waitakere City Auckland

Earth Angel is concerned with the continuing state of our environment and the fact that many individuals and businesses continue to have difficulty in sourcing products to take direct action in their everyday personal lives or business operations to create a more sustainable world.

Earth Angel would like to encourage you take action for a sustainable New Zealand through considering how you spend your purchasing power.

Products offered will enable you to purchase recycled products, use renewable sources of energy, or adopt more sustainable practices in your home or business.

Products include:
* Worm farms and food waste bins, and Bokashi
* Recycled glass bowls, recycled plastic buckets, recycled packing strap bags, and recycled paper pens
* Sustainability bookstore (sustainable business, sustainable living, organic, children, research, discussion and debate.
* Logical Living cleaning range including Jewellery Cleaner, Magikleen, Power Clean, Outdoor & Deck, and Carwash
* Cloth bags
* BioFilm Biodegradable bags

Our website is live and more products will be listed as the become available. Earth Angel would also like to hear from you if you manufacture products that are made from recycled material, use renewable energy, reduce waste, or encourage sustainable behaviour.