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Earth Building Association of New Zealand



To promote and maintain the use of the Earth Building Standards of New Zealand

NZS 4297 The Engineering Design of Earth Walled Buildings
(Specific Design)
NZS 4298 Materials & Workmanship for Earth Buildings Standards

NZS 4299 Earth Buildings Not Requiring Specific Design Standards

To promote the use of earth as a building material in New Zealand and to form a network group for those interested in earth building.

To act as a source of education, and information on earth building techniques and methods especially for New Zealand conditions.

To compile a register of earth buildings together with practitioners, enthusiasts, and interested parties.

To undertake, promote, support and encourage any research projects, workshops, conferences, training programmes, and educational tours that will help increase the understanding and use of earth as a building material.

To encourage the greater acceptance of earth building techniques amongst lending institutions, governments agencies, and the public at large.

To gather and share information and resources locally and internationally promoting the standards for earth building in New Zealand.

To promote earth building methods and techniques that are environmental benign.

To research and act as an information source for materials and design or construction techniques that are compatible with earth building techniques.

To liaise with other groups or individuals that are interested in the use of earth building methods and techniques both within New Zealand and overseas.

To do all things that the association may, at its discretion, consider incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects