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Eaves Water System

Phone number

0800 615 615

Physical address

72 Ingram Rd

Postal address

72 Ingram Road


Eaves Water System is a new premium water-harvesting product designed to replace traditional open style gutters.

The unique registered profile channels the flowing water around the curved front edge and into an 8mm slot. Restricting leaves, debris, rats, possums and birds from entering your gutter or spouting.
Eliminating the need for additional leafs guards to your existing gutter.

The enclosed modular component design eliminates flooding back into your home compared to blocked existing open style gutters.
Proudly made from durable continuous NZ colorsteel® and high quality ASA plastics backed by manufacturers 10 year warranty.

When your gutters become full of leaves and dirt, it restricts the water flow to your tank.

Our product ensures that your gutter catches the clean water and keeps it flowing to your water tanks.

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