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Eco Insulation Northland

Phone number

0800 400 326 extn 1

Physical address

183 Reyburn House Lane Whangarei

Postal address

PO Box 11-117 W.M.C Whangarei 0148

Eco Insulation Ltd is a well-established and proven leader in the field of thermal and acoustic insulation products. We have responded to your requests for the highest standard of product that is ecologically sound, environmentally safe, toxic-free and of course, natural. As well as being cost-effective, our products comply with all necessary appropriate specifications, standards and statutes.

At Eco Insulation Ltd, our guarantee is to provide you with the highest quality, 100% New Zealand made range of insulation products that will ensure your total satisfaction. New non-woven technologies developed in New Zealand, together with lower wool prices have enabled the natural thermal and acoustic advantages of wool to be transformed into affordable insulation materials for domestic and commercial use.

Architects, builders and homeowners alike know the importance of healthy homes. The home has always been a symbol of a safe and protective environment for our families; nowadays it has been proven that we need to carefully consider all the products we use. We have considered very carefully the problems of toxicity in the home, work place and within our children's schools; especially the health problems with some man-made fibres that are now proving to be very hazardous.

Using 100% New Zealand pure wool we have created a range of products that are not only environmentally safe and toxic free, they are also a pleasure to install, requiring no protective clothing or precautions with handling.

Our products have another amazing quality, they actually absorb formaldehydes that escape from other construction and finishing materials, thus greatly reducing the risk for these poisons entering your living environment. In fact, formalde absorption rates can be up to 1 00's of times the levels normally found in most environments. The wool fibres will not release these harmful contaminants even when heated.

Our products have a Natural quality of humidity control, helping to prevent heat loss, condensation and mould growth in the winter, while releasing moisture in the summer, helping to create a cooler, more pleasant living environment NATURAL AIR-CONDITIONING.

Heat loss through walls and especially roofs account for up to 80% of your heating costs; you can literally save hundreds of dollars by installing our 100% New Zealand pure wool insulation products.

Our natural wool products possess excellent sound absorbing qualities, reducing the unwanted flow of noise throughout the home and office.

Eco Insulation Ltd products undergo rigorous testing by independent authorities. B.R.A.N.Z. and W.R.O.N.Z. have tested our products to New Zealand standards and they come with a quality assurance guarantee.