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Phone number

0800 000 245

Physical address

6 Indus Street Wanganui, 4500

Postal address

PO Box 7251 Wanganui, 4541

Ecogreen offers a unique range of natural biological products which provide effective, economical and environmental solutions to a multitude of industrial, commercial and domestic hygiene issues.

Based on our exclusive Bio-Technology, our products use nature's beneficial bacteria, plant extracts and anti-bacterial agents.

- Natural and Safe.
- No harsh chemicals or acids
- Non-toxic & non-caustic
- No damage to the environment
- Scientifically proven
- Commercially successful

As our beneficial bacterial solutions for cleaning, enhancing septic systems, grease traps & clearing waste from drains continue to produce waste digesting and odour controlling enzymes they continue to function for much longer than a simple-enzyme based product.

Our product range includes -

Septic System Odour Control - Instantly revitalises & balances all types of septic systems & eliminates odours. Ideal for worm composting septic systems.

Toilet & Urinal Cleaner - More than septic system friendly. Ideal for waterless & composting toilets as well as worm composting septic systems. Commercially used internationally and yet non-toxic so it is equally well suited for home use. You will use less of this product to keep your system clean and it will also maintain your plumbing from blockages and slowly aid your septic system.

Drain & Pipe Clear - Made form beneficial bacteria. Spray in & around smelly drains and it will controls odours and start to clear pipelines from organic build-up. Ideal for use with any septic system. Completely natural and non-toxic.

BioTab Tablets for septic tanks & Grease traps - Ideal for any septic system or grease trap. Tablets that sink to the bottom of tanks and slowly rehydrate, free-up & break down sludge and contaminants in wastewater as well as controlling odours. Commercially proven & independently tested to reduce sludge, improve wastewater. Great results in reducing BOD, Suspended Solids & GFat, Grease & Oil in grease traps. Industrial sizes available.

Pond Maintainer - Improves water quality by breaking down the contaminants within water. Successfully used in controlling algal blooms in lakes internationally.

Grease Trap Treatment - The only liquid bacterial grease trap additive that has not been derived from freeze-dried bacteria. Immensely concentrated in waste digesting and odour controlling beneficial bacteria. Commercially proven internationally. For use in all types of grease traps and grease convertors. Continues to function much longer than any simple enzyme-based additive.
* We can also supply automatic dosing units

CleanAir Table Top Jars - Dramatically improves air quality. Made from a very special mix of essential oils. With 6 hours of exposure the anti-bacterial properties of CleanAir will kill up to 94% of airborne bacteria, mould, mildew & yeast. NZFSA approved.

30 Day Surface Sanitiser - Keeps high touch surfaces safe for up to 30 Days. Independently tested & proven.

Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser - The safest & most effective way to sanitise your hands - Effective up to 4 hours - independently tested & proven.

General Odour Eliminator (aka Odour Kill) - Made from plant extracts. Does not mask odours, but neutralises them. Great for removing curry smells. Lovely Dewberry fragrance. Non-toxic & NZFSA approved.

Carpet & Furnishing Odour Control - Spray this beneficial bacterial product directly onto organic residue (vomit, urine, milk, food, feces etc) & it will continue to control the odour and break down the residue. Complete safe to use, non-toxic with a long lasting effect.

Pet Odour Eliminator - Specific non-toxic beneficial bacterial strains to deal with residues that cause pet odours (urine, vomit, feces, milk, fur..).

Bin Odour Eliminator - Continues to control odours from any smelly bins and has a cleaning function.

Fuel & Engine Saver - Emulsifies water in fuel and drives it out engine while cleaning the fuel system from varnishes, waxe