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FlueCube International Limited

Phone number

03 548 6080

Physical address

67 Golf Road Tahunanui Nelson 7011 New Zealand

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67 Golf Road Tahunanui Nelson 7011 New Zealand

As well as challenging the scientific validity that enforces consumers to replace older enclosed wood heaters Neville D'Herville's FlueCube chimney cowl is probably the most effective cowl (rain hat, chimney cap) available to stop emissions (from inside the house and out), improve operation, heat output and fuel conservation of all enclosed wood heaters.

The only way that all enclosed wood burner installations can be judged fairly is by using modern recording equipment able to be used in situ so atmospheric back pressure can be accounted for. If the laboratory data collected can prove credibility to the consumer - having to spend thousands to replace burners that may realistically be 100% fine, then fair enough. One answer the law has to a chimney that doesn't draw - polluting you out of your house, is to make it longer. More flue height means more flue to heat and more flue to cool causing blockage in the upward flow of gases.

It can take less than 2 minutes for smoke to disappear from above a FlueCube installation. Councils report success to lower PM ratings from their carefully placed testing stations since enforcing changeout laws. This however says nothing for clean air wood heaters that only pass through the controlled ideal conditions in the laboratory. Many have opted for heatpumps (air conditioners), some pellet burners (that require not only a manufactured wood fuel but electricity to function too), and of course natural gas. The only natural disaster safe - electric and gas outage safe heating/ cooking appliance heats with ordinary wood. Even with a little smoke, cold and poverty will kill you faster than tiny dust particles will. Also this wonderful heating technology is almost entirely recyclable at the end of its long life.

The FlueCube fixes all atmospheric issues that cause enclosed wood heaters to smoke. It recognises it is typical winter conditions causing back pressure on the flue and smoke is less likely caused by the fault of the appliance. It recognises the lack of credible tested data that enforce these new permits or the sale of new enclosed wood heaters. It is near impossible to get a 70% reduction of emissions in the field, in winter conditions without help from above the flue. That is why the FlueCube was designed and why it is available to those who prefer to heat self-sufficiently with wood.