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Forest Flora

Phone number

07 824 7167

Physical address

63 Hakarimata Road

Postal address

63 Hakarimata Road


Forest flora provides support and guidance for ecological restoration. We are a family firm who enjoy working together and believe in the value of what we do.

We can provide a weed control plan, detailed planting programme to reestablish the natural vegetation of your site and have a ecosourced range of the native plants characteristic of the waikato region.

At Forest Flora we are passionate about protecting the indigenous biodiversity of our area and scour the landscape for remnants of the plant populations native to our area. we propagate those plants and supply them to people keen to restore the landscape.

There are two reasons for restoring the native flora of the landscape. firstly to ensure the survival of the local character and secondly because a healthy ecosystem is more resilient to weeds than a contrived garden and requires much less maintennance. Check out our web site.