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Going Green Services

We are very passionate about being environmentally friendly, recycling, saving this planet we all live in and even finding ways to reduce the ever increasing natural disasters by Going Green.

We established Going Green Cleaning in August 2008.
We offer cleaning services to homes around Nashville, New Orleans and Indianapolis USA, and in 20111 we launched in Auckland, New Zealand. We use Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products, of which all are now made by us!! And these products to help reduce Global Warming, toxics in the air and possibly help reduce allergies and illnesses many suffer from.

We are dedicated to spreading awareness, educate and encourage action relating to our environment, global warming and its adverse impacts. We are achieving this by providing information on our website, help everyone to understand the environmental implications of their actions and think about how people can make different choices to lessen their impact on the environment. We are also participating and attending global or local events such as Earth Hour and Earth Day.

This can be achieved by seeking out environmentally friendly options whenever possible which can include using environmentally friendly products, recycling and making your home eco friendly.

Mission Statement:

Going Green Services is determined to educate and help as many people as possible become aware that global warming does in fact exist and the consequences of it.
We are committed to helping the environment and helping this earth. We plan to achieve this by helping everyone become eco friendly in their home and work with environmentally friendly products, eating organic and healthy foods, recycling, help to save this earth we all live on and even finding ways to reduce the ever increasing natural disasters by Going Green.