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Graeme North Architects

Phone number

09 4259305

Physical address

49 Matthew Rd,

Postal address

Livingscapes NZ Ltd
t/a Graeme North Architects
49 Matthew Road,


If you require help with the choice of which natural materials are the appropriate ones for you to use, or you need help with how to use various natural materials and appropriate technology in your building design then this is the place to come.
Seek advice from an expert on the design of houses that integrate passive solar eco-building using natural materials with permaculture livingscapes.

Graeme North is a Registered Architect, a Fellow of the New Zealand Institute of Architects, was the inaugural chair of the Earth Building Association of New Zealand, the Chair of the Standards New Zealand Earth Building Committee, and is an expert employed by the DBH for peer review of Building Consent Application involving natural materials. He recently took up a Winstone Churchill Fellowship to explore appropriate building technology in the built environment.
He is also one of the very few architects in NZ with a Diploma in Permaculture.
Illness has dictated a change of pace and new design work will only be undertaken now for jobs that really appeal to him, as well as specialist consultation.
But over 40 years of experience using natural materials does mean that there is a lot of knowledge available to consult, and it is available to be engaged.

Designing for strawbale and earthen materials is a speciality. Peer reviews and consultancy to owners, other designers, or Councils is also undertaken.

Ask about workshops in cob, mud brick, and light weight insulating construction in earth, and the use of other natural building materials, including earth and lime plasters, earth floors, and cob ovens as required.

Pre -purchase inspection of earthen, strawbale, or natural material buildings can be organised, and advice on repair or restoration is also undertaken.