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Greenroofs Ltd

Phone number

096231814/021 708924

Postal address

PO Box 147228 Ponsonby Auckland

Greenroofs Ltd is unique to New Zealand in that it offers a comprehensive, specialised green roof service, from concept design through to installation. A technical consultancy service is also available.

Greenroofs Ltd specialises in all types of green or living roofs; extensive, semi-intensive and intensive. For smaller green roof projects a DIY kit is also available.
Greenroofs Ltd is also able to install green walls/vertical gardens.

Greenroofs Ltd. has been involved with the installation of the green roofs at the University of Auckland, the award-winning roof at Waitakere Civic Centre in Henderson and supplied and installed green roofs at the NZI building in Fanshawe Street in Auckland, Pipitea Plaza in Wellington, the Remarkables Primary School in Queenstown as well as numerous private and residential projects.

Green roofs benefit the environment in a number of ways:
- they manage stormwater runoff by retaining rainwater
- they remove CO2 from the air and release oxygen
- they reduce the amount of heat absorbed from the sun and then released by buildings, back into the environment (“urban heat island effect”)
- they insulate buildings by keeping the heat in during the winter and the heat out during the summer
- save/reduce energy costs
- they enable a building to merge into the landscape around it
- they encourage biodiversity within the urban environment

The installation of a green roof on a new or existing building could also earn additional points under the Green Star NZ (GSNZ) rating system developed by the NZGBC, in acknowledgment of the environmental benefits that they can bring to the urban environment.

Please see Greenroofs Ltd website for more information on our products and services and how to contact a member of the Greenroofs Ltd team.