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iSmart Hot Water Controller

Phone number

0508 69363749

Physical address

6/41 Lansford Crescent New Lynn

Postal address

PO Box 202007 Southgate 2246 Auckland

It's not every day that an energy efficient product comes along with the potential to make a truly significant difference. The iSmart Hot Water Controller is one such energy saving product, heating water only for when you need it, so households can save up to 50% off heating their hot water.

With a qualified electrician, the iSmart Controller can be retrofitted to any cylinder so there is no need to replace your current cylinder
Connect the in-home easy-to-use LCD colour display smart screen to an existing cylinder, and set your profile based on your hot water usage and history. In doing so, it calculates if there is enough hot water and only heats up when required, helping you avoid wasting electricity to heat water when it's not needed.

Different functions including BOOST mode if extra guests turn up or you want more hot water available, and HOLIDAY mode so your hot water can be safely turned off while you are away.

Also features legionella protection, meaning once a week the water automatically gets up to 60 degrees to kill any legionella bacteria, making it safe for you and your family.

In an article by George Block of Consumer New Zealand, the iSmart Hot Water Controller was trialled, and it was found that even homes with lower hot water demand can reap the benefits of the product.
Has seven days worth of data
New Zealand made and manufactured in Auckland, fully compliant with New Zealand standards
Comes with a three-year warranty
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