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09 579 2046

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53A Victoria Street Onehunga Auckland

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53A Victoria Street Onehunga Auckland

We are a privately owned New Zealand company, developing and supplying roofing and waterproofing systems for buildings and structures.

Modern demands require us to move beyond waterproofing membranes and assist all our customers to build ‘energy smarter’. Of all the surfaces in a building, the roof has the most impact on energy. It is the source of the most heat loss in an uninsulated building and yet it is continually exposed to the Sun, our largest potential source of power.

The Nuralite EnergyRoof123 is the optimal roofing system for today’s environment - and being independent systems customers can choose 1, 2 or all 3 systems to help improve their buildings performance.

EnergyRoof1 - NuraSolar Thin-film Photovoltaic Modules
The best thing to do with solar radiation is to harness it for energy. The NuraSolar photovoltaic systems are thin film modules that
are specifically designed for flat roof conditions. Their designs enables them to perform well without requiring specific orientation
or slope upon installation. The roof becomes a source of energy without needing to mount racks of solar panels which can provide
a raft of challenges. Being an integral part of the Nuralite EnergyRoof123, they are installed by Nuralite approved installers and their
performace is covered by a single Nuralite Warranty.

EnergyRoof2 - Nuratech “Pure White” TPE Membrane Roof
Roof space not being used to create energy should be used to reflect solar radiation away from us. A Nuratech “Pure White” roof
has a very high reflective value - like the polar ice caps. Reflecting solar energy back to space is a simple idea which according to
Dr Steven Chu, the US Secretary of Energy will help keep both the environment and the building itself cool. The Nuratech “Pure
White” membrane is ideal for this purpose as it is a completely white membrane which does not absorb moisture or dirt.

EnergyRoof3 - Nuratherm Insulated Roof
Nuratherm Insulated Roofs have been installed on both new and renovation projects throughout New Zealand. PIR insulation is the
way of insulating flat roofs in Europe, and those who have done it in New Zealand know why. The building is completely covered
with dense, high quality insulation. Vents are done away with, as are thermal breaks and by using Nuratherm NPM900 metal tray
substrate the system can be installed for around the cost of a traditional cold roof.