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SunTricity Solar

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16 Brooklands Way Nelson, 7010

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po box 1156 nelson,7040

SunTricity Solar offers the best in solar-powered systems and professional installations for a variety of applications. Whether you’re looking to save money on energy bills or find a cleaner and greener alternative for power, free from harmful fossil fuel emissions, we can supply you with all your commercial, residential and rural needs.

Long Term Warranties on Installations

Choosing to go with solar power shouldn’t come with any additional concerns or worries. We’re the only company in New Zealand to offer warranties for the lifetime of our systems; whether it’s for commercial solar power or at the home, you’re covered!

On-Grid, Off-Grid, Commercial, Residential and Rural—SunTricity Can Provide What You Need

All SunTricity solar systems are customized and designed to fit your individual needs. We offer a vast selection of different solar panels and inverters in order to suit different types of installations. From commercial solar solutions to solar-powered products for the home, we offer the best options for clean, renewable energy straight from the sun! Ask us about:

Commercial solar power for businesses and government buildings
Powering your home with solar: saving you money on energy bills with the possibility of selling power back to the power companies!
Going completely off the grid: powering rural homes and facilities with nothing but the sun!

An Educational Approach

At SunTricity Solar we want to supply you with the best possible system; we aim to provide you with the information necessary so that you can make an informed and educated decision. It’s our goal to help you get the best chance for a return on investment, and a major part of this is making sure you know the best options when making the switch to renewable energy.

Contact us today for your free, no-hassle quote! Our products and services are priced for their quality, and our designs and estimates are delivered on appointment with zero delays.