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24 Louise Drive


We give good, trustworthy advice about ethical and sustainable living solutions (energy, waste, water, ecology) to share our knowledge with as many homes as we can, to help our community, our environment and future generations. We have skills, expertise and experience in:

• Energy efficiency
• Insulation
• Solar energy
• Home health audits
• Renewable energy
• Lighting
• Waste minimisation
• Energy efficient appliances
• Water conservation
• Ventilation
• Hot water options
• Rain water harvesting
• Double glazing
• Heating options
• Sustainable design
• Thermal envelope

We have training and certification with Home Performance Advisor programme, Homestar, Energy Management Association of NZ and with Otago Polytechnic (Adding Sustainable Value). We are members of Energy Management Association, Community Energy Network, Sustainable Business Network and Sustainable Energy Association of NZ. And we are contracted by Bay of Connections under the Regional Energy Strategy to be the Regional Energy Champion for the Bay of Plenty, advocating for and advancing energy efficiency, and community energy related initiatives for households and small businesses that will benefit the region as a whole. Plus, we have been a finalist in the Sustainable Business Network Awards for our work in communication sustainability twice (2013 & 2015). We have a special recipe critical to how we operate; 4ESL. It stands for “4 ethical & sustainable living” and involves: Environmental care, Social justice, Charitable good and People compassion. We choose to do business with this recipe as our guide. Any profits we make we share around by giving to charity, pursuing our vision of doing good, giving some back to our staff, our customers and our supporters. Only 15% will come to us. Our business mission is to see a world served by compassionate business for the common good of all and to engage all willing people in the business of social justice, environmental care, charitable good, people compassion and kaitiakitanga.