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Terra Firma Earth Building Co Ltd

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07 825 7051

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P O Box 31 Raglan

TERRA FIRMA Earth Building Co Ltd is New Zealand's largest and most experienced Stabilised Rammed Earth Construction Company and have been designing and building traditional, healthy and sustainable homes for over 18 years.

Stabilised Rammed Earth is a modern development of one of the oldest building materials known to man. Through modern technology, modern machinery and years of development, our company can utilise Stabilised Rammed Earth to build almost every imaginable size, shape and style of buildings from the simple beach house to the most luxurious home; from studios to commercial buildings like hotels, wineries, town houses, health centres and schools.

Since 1990 we have been committed to building in a sustainable way. Stabilised Rammed Earth is a widely available building material with virtually no side effects associated with collection and use. We aim to have as low a carbon footprint as possible in the initial manufacture and construction of our homes, to offer owners low energy costs through passive solar design and thermal mass, have them last for many generations and to provide healthy living environments for their occupiers.

If any of these qualities interest you, please visit our web site or contact us today.