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1/20 Greensboro Street Hamilton

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1/20 Greensboro Street Hamilton

Water4free believes that easily accessible, fresh water is a fundamental right not a product to be sold for profit. In New Zealand we are lucky enough to have clean drinking water available and yet Kiwis are still paying for the convenience for having it in a bottle. Water4free provides an ecofriendly alternative to buying bottled water so that you can stay hydrated and healthy when you are out and about while saving money and reducing waste at the same time.

Previously, purchasing bottled water has been the only healthier option than purchasing and consuming sugar laden fizzy drinks when not at home. Water4free is aiming to make drinking tap water just as convenient as purchasing water leaving zero benefits in paying for water just because it comes in a bottle. The perception that bottled water is purer than tap water is unfounded and it is also more expensive per serving than most beverages, including alcohol!

Water4free is a local business, contributing to a healthy and green New Zealand. Our members are committed to creating a sustainable future by actively helping to cut down on the number of unnecessary plastic bottles that are filling up our landfills, taking hundreds of years to decompose. Check out our water map to see where our members are located, head to their premises with your reusable bottle and support them in supporting water4free.