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Waterflow NZ Ltd

Phone number

0800 628 356

Physical address

1160 SH 12 Maungaturoto, Northland

Postal address

PO Box 24 Maungaturoto

NZ Leaders in Eco-Sustainable, Wastewater and Sewage Treatment Systems.

Developed by Waterflow NZ Ltd, the Natural Flow System is an environmentally friendly sewage and wastewater treatment system for your home or commercial property. It takes both the grey water from your laundry, bathroom and dishwasher, and the black water from your toilets and sinks, then uses natural processes, including vermiculture, to convert your wastewater to a level where it is safe to be reintroduced into the environment.

Nature is one huge recycling mechanism and Natural Flow harnesses these well-established, sustainable forces that have been working perfectly for thousands of years. Natural Flow works with our environment rather than against it to treat sewage and wastewater, producing high quality results to protect your environment and is so effective, that it actually reduces the solid waste by up to 95%. The system does not draw on any other resources and does not use external power in any of the treatment processes so is cost effective from day one and into the future.