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Home Details

Land Area
283 m2
Building area
140 m2
Year built
3 bedroom(s), 2 bathroom(s)

NZ's 1st 10 Star SUPERHOME

An Exemplar Demonstration Project to provide a model for energy efficient, affordable housing.

The perception that an energy efficient home is too expensive to build is a myth that the SUPERHOME movement aims to debunk.

There are currently two demo homes in Christchurch’s Church Square designed and developed by Bob Burnett due for completion at the end of this month. Both were designed to 10 Star HomeStar certification.

Burnett says the homes distinguish the SUPERHOME movement from general talk about green building, as people can see the process of building affordable green homes and the results.

The movement aims to inspire the building of 1000 homes that achieve SUPERHOME criteria of which one method is HomeStar ratings between six and 10 stars.

The concept is not only about the energy ratings either. Burnett says affordability, general design integrity, earthquake resilience, durabilty, thermal comfort and a healthy indoor environment are also key elements to what makes a SUPERHOME.

Ultimately the aim of the industry-led initiative is to “promote and normalise” the idea of energy-efficient sustainable homes through open source sharing of design and construction information.

“We want to get people to understand it doesn’t have to be complicated,” Burnett says.

“These [demonstration projects] are modest, affordable homes.”

There will be a public meeting in August at the Church Square site to showcase the houses and their innovations, and to formally launch the movement.

11 Church Square is a two storey three bedroom dwelling with two high standard bathrooms. The land is zoned L3 zone and site area is 273 m.. Cera technical category TC2. It is designed to 10 star homestar rating.

Ground Floor accommodates a large north facing living room with a centrally located stair separating the entry, kitchen/dining and utility areas, such as accessible toilet, laundry and walk in pantry. There is cover rear access from a lockable carport. The stair landing provides space for an office / computer desk and storage cupboards each side. The Master bedroom is large and has additional storage and access to a small balcony.


A new type of timber framing called "frame saver" has been used. It creates a wall that is more thermally efficient and also stronger.

The home has been structurally engineered for solid seismic performance with thicker 140mm stud wall framing as opposed to normal 90mm framing. The entire exterior framing is clad in a rigid air barrier which provides superior bracing and also makes the house more air tight and therefore achieving a higher performance thermal envelope (refer to drawings) Framing is LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) for superior strength and straightness. LVL is environmentally friendly and reduces construction waste due its manufacturing process. High Performance Thermal Envelope. This dwelling has been design using passive solar design principles and with very high insulation levels and thermal breaks to achieve a high performance thermal envelope.


The floor slab is a fully insulated (R3.66)Warm Edge Waffle Slab/Ribraft and has been specifically engineer designed. This latest innovative solution includes a fully insulated Magroc Insulfound edge insulation/protection detail and XPS insulation under the ribs and strip footing eliminating any thermal bridging.


Ceiling R5.0 Fibreglass batts. (achieves a construction R value of R4.73).
Exterior Wall R4.0 Fibreglass Pink Batts.
Internal walls and the mid-floor are also insulated with batts for sound.

Windows and Doors

PVC windows and doors, with Low E excel glass argon filled glazing units with thermex internal spacer between panes. R Value R 0.7
This make a huge difference to both the warmth and sound insulation of the home.


West eaves are over size (900mm) incorporated to protect from overheating. The large eaves also protect the home from the weather. The entrance way has a porch canopy for protection from the sun, wind and rain. Main north elevation has recessed glazing to both levels for the same reasons. Carport roof extends to provide shading and protection to the lower level windows and doors.

Energy / Heating
PV Solar System
4Kw CPS solar system with Enasolar inverter. Refer to details enclosed.
ERV/Solar wall
The entire home has a ducted energy recovery ventilation system (ERV) that is linked to a solar wall. The Solar wall is a black aluminium cladding that also performs the dual function of solar collector with the warm air drawn from the normal cladding cavity and fed into the ERV system.

Hydronic Underfloor central heating system

The Hydronic Underfloor central heating system is very energy efficient with low running cost. This system would be used during the winter months only and has different zones and a timer/controller. The system is powered by an energy efficient air to water heat pump unit. There are different circuits of pipe work within the floor slab of the entire ground floor. These circuit can be control separately by the flow controls at the control panel in the storage cupboard under the stairs. There is also a digital timer on the wall in the same location.


Lighting is energy efficient with LED and bulkhead lighting and surface mount fittings. There are no recessed downlights in the thermal envelope. External Lighting is daylight and motion sensor controlled with auto, manual and off settings. There is an intelligent energy management system. TV / Phone / Data wiring is provided to all rooms.


High water efficiency (WELS) fittings: 5 stars+ for taps; 3 stars+ for showers; 4 stars+ for toilets; 5 stars+ for clothes washers; 4 stars+ for dishwashers.
Rainwater Harvesting 1500L rainwater collection tank, that stores rainwater for irrigation and flushing of toilets.


The site is fully fenced and landscaped with natives and environmental friendly permeable surfaces. There is a 4m² raised bed vege garden and several fruit producing trees.


Environmental Choice certified materials. All paints and sealants are low-VOC (volatile organic compounds)
• Plasterboard, paints, insulation, carpets and floor coverings are Environmental Choice certified, Other options: FSC certified timber no non-FSC certified tropical hardwoods.


• Construction waste to landfill less than 15 kg per m2 of finished floor area (under 2.7 tonnes for a 180 m2 house). Other options: installing Xcomposting /recycling facilities.

• A home user guide covering operation (templates at www.homestar.org.nz/hug)
• Well defined front entrance with clear street number
• Secure locks and catches on all ground floor doors and windows.


Bench Tops: CaesarStone – Ice snow 9141
Cabinet Fronts: Meltica – Charred Oak
Handle less cabinet fronts, soft close drawers, 3 bins for recycle, green, waste,

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