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Architectural Hybrid Homes

Home Details

Land Area
2400 m2 m2
Building area
210 m2 m2
Year built
4 bedroom(s), 2 bathroom(s)
We have done it! The first Hybrid Home in Nelson is now completed and is available for viewing.

Can you imagine a monthly power bill so small you get excited when it arrives? Can you imagine a home built with your family’s total comfort in mind - bright, open spaces using energy efficient, sustainable design solutions? In the past this might have only seemed possible in rural locations. Now, you can indulge your naturalistic tendencies with a Harrington Hybrid Home that pushes architectural boundaries and seamlessly incorporates the most revolutionary eco features in a city environment.

Homes are built using sustainable materials and feature energy efficient lighting, low-e argon gas double-glazing, solar hot water and power, inter-room heat and sound insulation, rain saver systems and gray water devices.

Visit www.hybridhomes.co.nz TODAY for more informaiton.

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