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0 bedroom(s), 0 bathroom(s)

The design responds to site conditions and energy efficiency. Orientation maximises solar gains and sea views from each room. A double height sunspace is at the core of the home


-Modern Family home with passive solar and high energy efficiency

-Passive Solar. Double height sunspace at core. The house is orientated to allow sunlight and warmth to penetrate the plan but structural elements such as a large eaves and cantilevered deck provide shading from any excessive summer sun.

-The insulated concrete slab is used for thermal mass to absorb the suns energy in the day and release at night during colder periods.

-Double glazing is provided throughout

-insulated plaster cladding system

-Solar water heating

-heat pump works as back up when the sun drops.

-CFL lighting

-Pink Batts Ultra throughout for best insulation R values, enviromark approved

-Recycled plastic hybrideck

-Low VOC paints

*A 6.5 HERS energy star rating has been achieved for energy efficiency*

Designed by Whiteman Architects Ltd

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