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Auckland Eco Home

Home Details

Land Area
3 acres m2
Building area
240 m2 m2
Year built
4 bedroom(s), 3 bathroom(s)

Sustainable features of the house:

Conservatory for the collection of the sun's energy
Passive solar design
Complemented by high insulation and double glazing
Solar water heating
Renewable materials
Natural finishes
Eco wood burner with wetback
Rainwater collection
Sustainable on-site wastewater management.

In 2005, Johann Bernhart of Bernhardt Architecture designed our eco friendly, energy efficient, passive solar house. My 25 year old passive solar house in West Auckland was sold and the building project was started in July 2006. The building project was completed and signed off at council in April 2008.

The design is everything we had hoped for. The house has proved to be warm and dry, heating itself on all but the very dullest and coldest days (only 3 or 4 this year). The house is modern and takes full advantage of the spectacular views and of its environment. We have everything that could be expected in a modern home all wrapped up in an eco bundle.

A worm composting septic tank system is up and running having proven itself to be very successful. The worms are happily composting the black water. We were sceptical at first but would now have nothing else and highly recommend this system. Maintenance is virtually zero and the system is easily managed by the owner. There are no smells and toilets flush like any other sewerage system

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