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Barrys Bay Eco Home

Home Details

Land Area
30 acres m2
Building area
230 m2
Year built
3 bedroom(s), 2 bathroom(s)

Designed by Bob Burnett Architecture

Winner of the Regional ADNZ award, this stunning home is nestled amongst the hills of Banks Peninsula on a 30-acre rural block. This environmentally sound home overlooks the majestic, breath-taking views of the Akaroa Harbour. The landscape inspired the natural and recycled material palette that includes cedar, West-Coast schist, copper and slate-look shingles. The client's admiration of Frank Lloyd Wright informed their desire for an organic home. The materiality amplifies the definition of the forms that create this timeless aesthetic from all elevations.

The technical specifications align with current high-performance standards. This includes super-insulated thicker walls, high-performance windows, and an edge insulated concrete floor slab. Over-sized eaves have been designed to protect from over-heating whilst still allowing optimum natural light and views. A second, lower eave protects from excessive solar gain to all elevations of the fully glazed northern living wing.

The roof is clad in eco-friendly Ecostar shingles that are totally indistinguishable from slate and manufactured from recycled car tyres. Recycled timber has been utilised - including Macrocarpa milled from trees on site – to form the expansive decking.

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