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Canterbury off-grid eco house journey

Home Details

Land Area
12 acres m2
Building area
120 m2 m2
Year built
2 bedroom(s), 1 bathroom(s)
So the journey has begun. A long held dream to build an off-grid, eco friendly house is underway. My husband and I, John and Judy, are recently retired and the build will be our major project for the next year. We have lived in our present house for thirty eight years, talking for the last fifteen about undertaking this project. So we haven’t exactly rushed into it! Meanwhile, of course, solar technology and waste water systems have improved, so perhaps it’s not a bad thing. John has considerable expertise in all things practical, being a Landscape Architect, and intends to be general dog's body in the build, while I'm not sure what my contribution will be. As a teacher of English in the past, writing about it may be my biggest input! Oh, and maybe producing the nourishing lunches....

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