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Comfortable & Eco-Friendly Home in Wanaka

Home Details

Land Area
400 m2
Building area
165 m2
Year built
3 bedroom(s), 0 bathroom(s)

This is an amazingly warm home, the home owners don't even need a duvet for their bed.

The interior walls are built with rammed earth wall and lime plastered. Exterior walls are super insulated timber frame.

The house also features a spiral staircase, in its own tower.

Underflooring heating pipes were installed just in case, but so far they have not needed to connect them.

Other eco features include: super insulation, thermally broken slab, airtight construction (in 2009 it was the most airtight house tested in NZ at that time), thermally broken joinery, double glazed low E argon filled glazing, oiled native timbers internally, low allergen finishes, solar water heating, very efficient Ethos woodburner, permeable paving on driveway, and native planting.

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