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Cornerstone Building System choice for Ben Lomond Lodge

Home Details

Land Area
33500 acres m2
Building area
500 m2 m2
Year built
8 bedroom(s), 9 bathroom(s)
The Ben Lomond Station Experience in a Lodge built in the Cornerstone Building system.

Cornerstone was chosen for this project due to the benefits in the high insulation and simplicity of construction in such a remote area in the mountains above Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown. With breathtaking views and an amazing 4WD experience over rivers & past Moke Lake just to get to this breathtaking destination.

Property location in the mountain area has no possibility to be connected to the grid therefore has to be sustainable in terms of water & electrical usage, which is why the high insulation value was so important.

The lodge further down the property which has been built in timber framing, does not maintain energy as well as the newer Lodge utilizing the Cornerstone Building system which is noticeably warmer.

Worth looking at the website and making contact with John & Ginni Foster owners of this property to arrange a corporate get together or just a guys getaway .

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