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Cornerstone building system ideal healthy option for aged housing

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2 bedroom(s), 1 bathroom(s)

Many older people and poorer families suffer in under insulated homes in New Zealand where homes do not meet the World Health Standard (WHS).
Immigrants from the coldest parts of Russia, Asia and the Europe get a rude shock when faced with weighing up the comfort levels they have been used to with the cost of electricity.

Happy homeowner, Mrs Grimmit with the help of her son Philip Grimmit of Wellington and her home called into Cornerstone Head office in Christchurch and was very happy to share with us how comfortable and happy she was in her home. The project had been managed and all materials researched by her son, Philip, who desired his mother should be safe and comfortable in her retirement. He wanted the very best for her, so he put a lot of thought into the materials he was to use in the project, and some products although ideal, where prohibitive due to the extra price.
The "Cornerstone building system' was similar to the timber frame construction and gave such a large benefit that it remained in the equation.

Winter is in full swing and on comes the requirement to warm our living environment, and at the cost of the environment in general. Most countries are now recognising that we need to reverse the process now, looking for ways and legislating as such, to reduce the damage and pollution we have been responsible for.
Polystyrene for insulation is becoming very widely recognised and utilised in Europe and the Chinese Environmental Council, has recognised it, as one of the products suitable for construction, because of its high insulation properties.
In New Zealand in particular after the leaky homes the Cornerstone Building system has a lot to offer, with nothing to rot or break down. The R-value of 4.3degc/m2, which is 2-3 times higher than the standard insulation value, in the standard

For mor information on the Cornerstone Building system used here, Ph 03 381 6612, Free phone 0800 426 763, and Website http://www.4-cornerstone.com

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