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Cornerstone Licencee, Future Homes

Home Details

Land Area
4013 m2 m2
Building area
330 m2 m2
Year built
4 bedroom(s), 2 bathroom(s)

“Cornerstone Building System”, Taupo Licencee wins DBH Gold award for best sustainable home under $500,000 for National Award 2008 after winning the Taupo District Gold medal. To add to this prize was the National award for the "Pink Batts Best Energy Efficient home"

STOP PRESS!! Alan Baddeley of “Future Homes NZ Ltd” home recently won 2 gold awards for his own home in Taupo.

The first was the “Department of Building and Housing Sustainable Award, for homes under $500,000”, then the “Nu Look Windows & Doors Builders own home” for the Taupo District.

Alan has focused on “sustainable housing”, using the “Cornerstone Building System” which easily achieves the high level of insulation required for saving energy whether it is hot or cold without the extra cost you would usually associate with added benefits.

Alan has lived in three Cornerstone homes and lived in conventional homes in between so was reminded of the positive difference the Cornerstone Building system makes to the quality of life and the fact that these homes have only needed minimal energy requirements. It was while living in his second Cornerstone home and having built most of the homes built using the Cornerstone Building system in the district that he decided he wanted to be part of the Cornerstone Licence team….

Apart from his own homes he has been building he now has many happy customers all living in comfort. Most of the previous homes built in Cornerstone in the area were designed by local designer J T Design.

Alan set about creating a low energy use home with a difference which is in alignment with the philosophy behind the patented Cornerstone Building System aiming at zero energy use, by adding other energy products in order to give homeowners a very low energy use home to be sustainable.

Alan set about planning his own home to be an example as to what could be achieved.
Apart from the obvious which is pivotal to low energy use, the insulation of the Cornerstone walls which have the an R value of 4.3, he also had an R value of 3.6 in the ceiling, along with under floor insulation which means the energy use in the home is minimal, in fact in the month of September he has been touting that he has not needed to add any heating to the home went the outdoor temperatures were still cold. Taupo, although in the North Island comes under the same Insulation guidelines as the South Island of New Zealand.

The BRANZ (Building Research Association of New Zealand) ALF (Annual Loss Factor) Program designed to do Energy Audits showed that the Cornerstone building system was the only factor above what was required in the New Zealand Building code which made a significant difference to the model used by the program. The resulting report showed that the home performed far higher than the model.

The home is a boomerang shape designed for the sun with roof windows for extra lighting where applicable. The concrete floor creates thermal mass by absorbing the warmth from the sun, he has a gas “Escea” fire in the lounge and “Heseitia” solid fuel wood fire on wet back backed on to the hot water cylinder which is also hooked up to the solar panel for water heating and under floor. This is the first Cornerstone home to enter the competition.
See video of Master Builders 2008 Awards shown 29/5/2008 where this house is profiled with Alan Baddeley of Future Homes NZ going into more detail check out the Cornerstone Website http://www.4-cornerstone.com/cornerstone.php?p=7. The News letters have the DBH codeword articles and the layout of the house. If this link is a bit slow try the dedicated "youtube chanel" http://www.youtube.com/user/CornerstoneSIP
Contact Future Homes NZ Ltd Ph 021 436 935 if you are interested in this plan
Or Cornerstone Building System 0800 426 763 if you are interested in the system

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