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Devonport Lohas Home

Home Details

Land Area
300 m2 m2
Building area
80 m2 m2
Year built
2 bedroom(s), 1 bathroom(s)
An eco-friendly, self-contained stand-alone, modern two bedroom accommodation. Designed by a leading environmentally-focused architect, Johann Bernhardt, with Equinox Design.

Built using renewable materials, this well-insulated house is powered by renewable energy supplied by Meridian, with a high-efficiency log burner to assist the solar hot water generation and space heating. Passive solar design provides a comfortable environment with very little energy inputs.

Rain water is collected and used to gently launder clothes, remove waste, and irrigate the gardens. (Public water is piped to kitchen, bathroom, basins and hot water system.)

Private garden areas and sunny decking.

We welcome you.

Website: http://devonportlohashome.com

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