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Eco Living (New Zealand Eco House by Arhaus)

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In an age where it is increasingly easy to disregard our environment, despite escalating scientific concerns, there are New Zealanders who are taking a firm stance on the direction the country should be headed. The residential construction industry is just one area where eco-principles can readily be substituted in place of their non-toxic and non-sustainable counterparts, and this house is an example of that very principle in action.


Situated on a peaceful coastal site in the North Island, Tony and Linda Mayow's new home has been created with the environment in mind. Natural in appearance and a great example of the way in which incorporating eco-principles can be adopted, the house performs efficiently and has a low-impact existence.

The Mayow's credit a great builder as essential to establishing an eco-friendly home. Arhaus, the construction company who built the house, was committed to achieving the owners' ideals; principles the company often incorporates into other new homes.

Although it is not a full eco-house, the Mayow's home is certainly full of environmentally friendly inclusions. Acknowledging water as one of our most precious resources, the Mayows harvest rainwater for use in the toilets, laundry and garden, with a solar panel heating system used to heat the 300L cylinder. Extra insulation for the walls and ceiling combine with the North facing aspect of the home to create a warm and efficient place to live.

Checking that timber has come from a sustainable source is crucial. Not taking the time to find out means you could have wood from an endangered forest used in the creation of your house.

Conscious of all the building materials used on the house, Arhaus Ltd turned to Dayle ITM Building Centre. Regularly using the specialist company for many of their projects, Arhaus Ltd sourced hardware, a selection of timber and all the required fixings. Understanding the homeowner's desire to create a high quality home with sustainable principles in mind, Dayle ITM Building Centre recommended materials that would help them to achieve a comfortable interior environment that will remain dry and warm in winter.

Full of knowledge and with solutions for most building requirements, Dayle ITM Building Centre only sell materials that are proven to stand the "test of time".

An excellent way to increase the efficiency of a home is through double-glazing. When combined with correct insulation, it can be one of the best ways to retain warmth. Supplying hardwearing aluminium joinery for all the windows and exterior doors, Vistalite used double-glazed glass throughout the Mayow's home. Selected in a contemporary, silver anodised finish, the many windows in the house complement the modern lines of the design.

Bi-fold doors leading from the open-plan living/kitchen area allow sun to enter the home throughout the day, and upmarket hardware options further endear the the joinery to the home. Created by using the Vistalite Flush Sill system, the doors glide open and enhance the liveability of the area. Not only is the view from the living area maximised; indoor/outdoor entertaining naturally flows between the spaces.

With over 40 years experience, Vistalite produce all types of aluminium joinery, and the company's showroom displays a complete range of options available for new windows and doors.

In their quest to find an entirely sustainable wood for their floor, the Mayows decided to use a compressed Bamboo from Bamboo Flooring Systems. Although they were quite sceptical at first, the floor is now one of their favourite features. Not only does it out perform timber flooring in terms of hardness and stability, it is environmentally sound, and comes from a sustainable source.

See http://www.arhaus.co.nz/news for the full story and more information on eco friendly house design.

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