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Nestled into its mountain setting, this strikingly original Queenstown home is a showcase for energy saving design and technology, as DAVID KILLICK discovered.

From Queenstown you take the road to Glenorchy, turn right and climb steeply. The road feels like a ski access road, but is sealed. At about 500m above Lake Wakatipu, Alpine Retreat is believed to be New Zealand's highest residential subdivision.

Here you will find some unusual homes: a massive log home, a place with a round stone turret, a house that could belong in Switzerland, Austria or southern Germany. And then there's Yevrah Ornstein's house. It's full of curves (even the matter-of-fact roofer said the roof looked "sexy") and interesting angles. The main living area is cantilevered out over a sheer cliff. There's a glimpse down towards the lake.

This is an extract from a full article written by David J Killick, freelance journalist.

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