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Little Greenie is designed with four major principles in mind: Energy efficiency, low maintenance/longevity, ease of construction and value for money. It may be modern, but it’s not about frills or fashion; and while it is unashamedly utilitarian, it’s definitely not drab or boring.

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If you are looking to build and want a highly performing house then start the process by coming to stay in Little Greenie - then you'll understand the difference. You will experience for yourself the whole-house thinking and the all season comfort and wellbeing that Little Greenie provides. You'll get an insight into the temperature control, the energy efficiency and the low maintenance secrets that Little Greenie Design & Build specialises in.

According to the report, which was independently prepared for the Hikurangi Foundation, the Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority (EECA) and Little Greenie Design & Build by Housing Analyst Verney Ryan, the house provides the following key benefits compared to an equivalent size and design of house built to current building code standards:

A 9 star Home Energy Rating (HERS) rating as compared to a 4.5 HERS rating for a code compliant house.
Only marginal additional costs to build (at $2,136/m2 compared to $1,766/m2 for the code level equivalent), which provide a return on investment in less than 21 years and have the potential to add to the capital value of the house.
An estimated return on investment in excess of $77,000 over a 50 year period when lower maintenance costs are also taken into account
Little Greenie provides a practical and achievable method of building to a higher level of performance through well crafted passive solar design techniques and high levels of insulation, that deliver a unique opportunity to educate and inspire the residential construction sector in New Zealand.
Little Greenie delivers a comfortable indoor environment that meets World Health Organisation recommended indoor temperatures year round with minimal reticulated energy input.

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