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Green Home and Lifestyle

Home Details

Land Area
5500 m2 m2
Building area
175 m2 m2
Year built
3 bedroom(s), 1 bathroom(s)

This property is an architecturally designed eco green home, in a beautiful native garden setting, next to NZs leading mainland island restoration project, Maungatautari.

The House
• Designed by Alex Greig of BBE Eco Architects, built in 2008 / 09
• Passive solar design, north facing, double glazing, increased insulation
• Roof harvested water and water saving features throughout
• Grey and black water systems
• Solar hot water system
• Pyroclassic IV woodburner with wetback

The Garden
• Permaculture vegetable garden, including tool shed, glass house, hardening off area and separate 5,000L gravity fed water supply
• Orchard, mainly heritage varieties sourced form Edible Gardens, including citrus, pip and stone fruit, berries, grapes, nuts, olives, feijoas and kiwifruit
• Two fenced paddocks
• Ornamental native garden

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