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Grey Stone - Sustainable Eco House

Home Details

Land Area
15 acres m2
Building area
12000 f2 m2
Year built
8 bedroom(s), 8 bathroom(s)

Solar PV Source Sunnyboy Controller
9/3/08 7.2 kWh
Best 8.17 kWH
SkyStream Wind Turbine Source Skystream Controller 13kWh
Best 24kWh
Solar Thermal Source Steca TR0704 Controller
Best Daily Output 178kWh March 09 (Thats just array 1)


Solar Thermal
Integrated solar heating system supplying up to 198kWh / Day to:
3 Copper cylinders of 180, 300 and 500 Litres, with heat exchange coils.
Indoor 85CM pool. This pool draws any remaining heat from the solar cicruit (Glycol) before it is returned to the collectors. Pool also acts as a heat sink once the cylinders are up to temperature through an additional heat exchanger.
Underfloor Heating 6 zones (would definitely recommend this as long as you have a wetback)
Independent Underfloor Zones in Main Kichen / Living, Formal Dining, Offices, and toilet.
Radiators / Heated Towell Rails Upstairs
Domestic Hot Water with electrical backup.

12 x Chromogen CR120 Panels (array 1) 31 SqM
2 x "WhatPowerCrisis.Com" Villa 30 Tube EV Glass Panels (array 2) 5.6 SqM
each array has own controllers, pumps and heat exchangers.

Stanley Super Star
Wood / Coal Burner with double oven, hot plate and 17kW Wetback

Power Generation
Skystream 3.7 Grid Tied Wind Turbine with 10M mono tower, 20kW/H + on a good windy day.

6 x 185W "What Power Crisis" Solar Modules on a Lorentz Tracker Grid Tied with a SMA Sunny Boy 1100e Inverter conforming to AS/NZ 4777 max just over 8kW/H /day.

Extensive replacement of 50W Halogen Lights with 3W LED's

Centameter Power Monitor

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