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Kauritatahi farm

Home Details

Land Area
4 Ha m2
Building area
1000 m2 m2
Year built
3 bedroom(s), 2 bathroom(s)
House is currently under construction by owner. Incorporates traditional post & beam construction using locally grown Lawson Cyprus timber and Rotorua manufactured Timbercrete block walls. Will feature good passive solar design, solar panels and wood stove boiler water heating, double glazed windows and ecofleece insulation.
View more on kauritatahi.blogspot.com for construction progress, information, and photos.

Employ good design and use quality materials to create a modest size family cottage home that incorporates elements of:
permanence (100 year+ structure)
sustainability (locally sourced materials and low energy footprint)
comfort & aesthetics
a healthy home

fusion of cape cottage/barn style house - French farmhouse decor

$250-300k plus owners efforts[lots] and innovation

Minimum specs:
approx. 180m2
3 bedrooms
2 bath
mud/utility room
formal entrance
solar water heating
low pressure water system
passive solar efficient
wood stove (plus boiler) Stanley Errigal or similar
water radiator space heating
vertical ducted air (warm/cool)
maximise storage space
Biolytix wastewater system (or similar)
gas hob and electric range
detached garage/loft (future)

Construction details:
authority: WBoPDC
flat building site
Valley and view runs SW (Kaimai ranges) → NE (Kauritatahi stream views)
1&1/2 story post & beam construction - optimised use of available Lawson logs
polished concrete floor (lower)
timber floor (upper)
Timbercrete (lower) external and internal structural walls
cathedral ceilings (Lawson sarking)
double glazed timber joinery - (timber subject to cost)
double hung windows
built-in details (shelves, cupboards etc)
Lawson weatherboard gables ends?
steel roof (Euroline by Steel&Tube

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